Portal is your secured file cabinet. You can upload and download any file anytime.

 Please follow the following steps to set up your portal (online account)

  1. Go to our web site
  2. Click on CONTACT TAB and fill up the Request for appointment at the bottom of page and send it to us for setting up your account.
  3. We will set up your account and our system will send an auto generated email to you with an attached link
  4. On receipt of the system generated email click on the link and register yourself by adding your name, email and password of your choice.
  5. After completing the registration, you will see on the left hand side My DOCUMENT.
  6. Then click upload on the Right hand side
  7. Browse your file and click upload and the downloaded files with be seen in the Document.


Later on after registration of your account you can access your account through the web site

Click on the top left hand corner small lock sign and enter your login email and the password.

Once you have log in upload the file by browsing the files from your computer.